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Joe Glenton zu 9 Monaten Haft verurteilt

Joe Glenton auf der Friedensdemonstration in Lndon

Joe Glenton ist am 5. März zu neun Monaten Haft verurteilt worden, weil er nicht mehr am Afghanistan Krieg teilnehmen wollte.

„Stop the war“ schreibt dazu:

This extremely harsh sentence ignored many of the facts of the
case; that Joe had post-traumatic stress disorder, that he had
raised concerns about the war with his superiors and been
bullied as a result, and that he had voluntarily returned to
barracks after going absent without leave.

The judge herself made it clear the sentence was not based on
the facts of the case but on a desire to deter other members
of the military from taking a stand of conscience.

Joe is a brave and defiant man. He left the court under guard
with a clenched fist held high. His outspoken defiance and the
national campaign to defend him had already forced the
authorities to drop the much more serious charge of desertion.

Stop the War will now widen the campaign to defend Joe Glenton
until he is free.

Stop the war ruft dazu auf, Unterstützungsmails an folgende Adresse zu schicken:
Hier ist seine Rede auf der Friedensdemonstration am 24.10.2009 in London:
Joe Glentos Mutter sagte nach dem Urteil:

I am extremely angry. The court barely paid lip service to   
justice. The judge clearly didn’t listen to the arguments or   
if she did she ignored them. The lawyers are considering an   
appeal. The Ministry of Defence will be hearing a lot more   
from me.

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